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Koh Samui beach shoot, Koh Samui

Conrad Hotels

If you aren’t sure where to begin contact us. No project is too large or too small for us to consider. To meet your needs we can assemble virtually any size team of local film and video professionals.┬áContact us about setting up a skype consultation so we can evaluate your requirements.

If you’re planning to shoot a news story or a documentary film in the former Burma, you should be aware that while this is now much easier than it was a few years ago, it can involve seeking permission at the ministerial level. Unlike in Thailand where there is a facilitating Film Board that issues permits in a standardized way, Myanmar is only now adjusting to a surge in interest in their country. Filming permissions can require making application at several ministries in the capital Naypyitaw, and this can take time. But with advance planning the rewards of shooting in Myanmar can be rich.

Be aware that Myanmar is not yet part of the international carnet system, so you will have to make other arrangements with customs for importation and duty free repatriation of your equipment. We can help.

Also keep in mind that until recently, foreigners who wanted to go to many areas of the country needed to get special travel permits. In some regions access was strictly off limits. This has changed a great deal. There are now also more border entry/exit points with Thailand than before. We can advise you on how to make the most of these positive developments as part of our line producing services.