Camera Crews

For shoots in need of an ENG style¬†camera crew, the man in the red hat owns and operates SONY’s FS-100, a set of Carl Zeiss prime lenses, a¬†7″ inch high definition director’s monitor, and a Vinten tripod.

Myanmar Camera CrewWe can act as your line producers, scout your locations, rent you a fully equipped light truck with electricians on board, cater your shoot, and arrange transportation and any permits you may require.

Our in-house equipment suitable for electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP) includes a teleprompter and mini dolly.

Hire a multi-lingual camera crew

US based video production companies shooting outside the country require special expertise and contacts abroad. The success of your overseas shoot can hinge on your camera crew’s understanding that not everyone does things the American way. Benefit from our language skills and 25 years spent abroad, especially if you need to shoot in places where English isn’t spoken as the first language or if you are unfamiliar with the culture.

Martin in MyanmarIf your shoot is in Southeast Asia you are in the right place. Mobilizing a Bangkok camera crew that has the language skills needed for news and documentary style videography, is where you’ll benefit hugely from our experience and knowledge of the country. We’ll ensure that you don’t fall afoul of local regulations, that your people and equipment are safeguarded, and that you leave the region with the footage you went there for. The man on the boat has lived in Thailand, the former Burma, and Cambodia for a total of 20 years. He’ll be happy to show you around if you need to do some pre-production location scouting.

Having lived in continental Europe for 5 years, Martin also speaks fluent French, Spanish, as well as German and Italian.